10th edition of IPPOG Masterclasses completed - IASA trained 250 students and 40 teachers

Each year around 10.000 high school students in 40 countries go to one of 200 universities or research centres for a day, to unravel the mysteries of particle physics. During the 2014 month long session of theses Masterclasses which ended on 12/4/2014, IASA had the opportunity to deliver four different masterclasses across the country as well as at CERN in Geneva.

Approximately 100 students came to the premises of the University of Athens, 130 students from all over Crete went to the University of Crete, where four members of the IASA team visited, and 30 students came to CERN from a nearby French town. The IASA members delivered lectures which gave insights to topics and methods of basic research in the fundaments of matter and forces, thus enabling the students to perform measurements on real data from the ATLAS experiment. The students in all four masterclasses used the HYPATIA event analysis tool which has been written by the IASA team and is contributing to the Inspiring Science Education (ISE) project in the form of a demonstrator. At the end of each day, as it would be done in an international research collaboration, the participants joined in a video conference for discussion and combination of their results. Their teachers were given lectures about ISE and possible action plans to be developed in their schools.

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