1,000 participants in the first ISE MOOC organised by CARNet

The first ISE MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), organised by Croatian Academic and Research Network ' CARNet has started on November 2 and will last till December 13 2015. The course is in Croatian language. We have enrolled astonishing 1,000 participants in just 5 days and had to close enrollment due to organisational capacities. Since all interested teachers were not able to enroll CARNet will organise an additional course in 2016.

Activities that participants are expected to do are reading, watching videos and illustrations, solving quizzes and assignments. Participants can choose their own learning and the deadline for completing assignments is the end of the course.

The course is designed for teachers who want to think and act in accordance with the educational trends of the 21st century and use contemporary teaching methods especially in STEM subjects. The course is also opened to non-teaching school staff, education experts and all those who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of education trends and the integration of ICT in teaching and learning.

This course also focuses on inquiry based learning and gamification that are in line with student centered learning. Participants will learn basic use of various digital tools and will design a learning scenario according to the principles of inquiry based learning.

More information about the course is available at http://www.carnet.hr/ise/edukacija/ise_mooc.