Features of Creating An Educational Channel on Instagram

Features of Creating An Educational Channel on Instagram 2019-2020

Nowadays, we tend to live most of our daily time on the internet. A great part of our life is in the virtual world, and more traditional activities and institutions now take place online. Even learning and schooling have followed this trend, and it seems that they will continue to do so to remain relevant for younger generations.

If you are planning to grow an online school program, you should consider social media as your main platform, and Instagram its birthplace. The network attracts more than 800 million monthly users, but that is not the only reason to consider it for creating an educational channel. Here are some of its features that will help you in your endeavor:


When Instagram first appeared in the world of social media it was just another photo-sharing platform. In time, it has evolved to help users upload short videos, tell stories or do live broadcasts.

The user engagement rate has increased significantly as people had access to entertaining polls, contests, and discussions.

You can use all of these features to create an educational channel on Instagram. Just make sure that you follow some of these guidelines to increase your popularity:

  • Post only high-quality photos
  • Upload fun, entertaining videos
  • Create engaging content
  • Post regularly
  • Respond to people who comment on your posts

Instagram already features a significant number of educational channels. You can check their pages out and get some inspiration for your posts as well. Discover what their audiences prefer and whether they like video posts more than regular images.


One of the best Instagram features that you can use for an educational channel is the one that allows you to create a group. This option enables you to share your content with a select number of people who may be students, other teachers or just people who are looking to learn new things from your channel.

Log in to your Instagram channel and go to the top right of your feed. Pick out two or more people from your list of followers and tap the “Next” button. Now, you can send them simple messages, photos or videos that are relevant to your educational channel. You can even choose between a multitude of filters and editing options to make the content more attractive and engaging.


One of the coolest Instagram tools that you can use is the Stories feature, which lets you upload short video clips or photos to an ongoing story that lasts for a maximum of 24 hours. It is a great way of keeping your followers up to date with the latest developments and information. It also enables you to host contests and polls that attract users to comment and leave impressions.

Instagram Stories are great for enhancing your audience if you have not bought real Instagram followers yet. Studies show that a significant number of young people use the Story feature daily, and regard it as a prime source of information. Over 34% of Instagram users are millennials, which means that many of your admirers will be youngsters waiting for you to post engaging stories.


As your audience on Instagram grows, you can take your educational channel to the next level by using more often the video features of the platform.

For example, a great way of reaching many people with engaging content is by live streaming one of your latest educational projects. People can tune in and watch it in real-time, leave comments and impressions that you can respond to immediately or when the broadcast ends.

This feature is an excellent way of building a community around your channel and increasing the loyalty of your followers. Make sure that you anticipate your live broadcast with anterior posts for at least three days prior to it. This way, people can clear up their schedule and even invite their friends along to watch your live broadcast.