ODS Conference - Transforming Schools into Innovative Learning Organisations

Friday, 18 September, 2015 to Monday, 21 September, 2015
Athens, Greece

How can the progressive academic and professional European community contribute to the better understanding, development and exploitation of the educational landscape in 2015?

Call for submissions
Submissions addressing one or more of the conference themes are welcome in either standard paper or Synergy formats. The deadline for submission is 1 July for papers and 15 August for Synergy formats.

Thematic of the Conference
The first two days of the conference will highlight an impressive spectrum of different open schooling and teacher training initiatives, major achievements, their resources and training services provided.
During the third, Scholarly Contributions Day, academics and professionals will present their research and validated practices, following peer reviewed admission process.
ODS, DigiSkills and GreeNet will utilize their teacher communities and resources in the interest of a professional event, offering free training opportunities and promoting their best teaching practices. This core community will be joined by several other dedicated EU initiatives' representatives and stakeholders, who discovered thematic and/or methodological synergies with the 3 hosting projects at the EDEN 2015 Annual Conference in Barcelona. The trainings, the list of which will be published soon, will be acknowledged by certifications.


EDENandEllinogermaniki Agogiwill co-organize a three-day international conference in September 2015 in Athens.

The event will be earmarked as the next occasion in the EDEN Open Classroom Conference series with the involvement and support of thematically significant EU co-funded projects. The Conference incorporates the final event of theDigiskills project, a European project demonstrating ways to involve school communities in innovative teaching and learning practices, and empower teachers and trainers to use, share and exploit unique resource, as well as theGreenet projectthat aims to address the increasing necessity to develop an integrative approach in environmental education. The timing will also make several of the conference activities the first steps in the sustainability of theOpen Discovery Space project, one of the ever-largest EU co-funded educational networking initiative.

EDEN Open Classroom Conference
18-21 September 2015, Athens, Greece
Organised in collaboration with: Ellinogermaniki Agogi

Submission deadline: 1 July 2015
Synergy submission deadline: 15 August
Registration is free of charge

Website: http://eden.ea.gr/content/home