Other competitions

"Promoting Multidisciplinary Science Teaching" Contest

Many students often argue that the school science curriculum they have is so packed that eventually they forget most of the things they learn at school shortly after they graduate, especially when they continue their studies on irrelevant subjects. The Big Ideas of Science challenge targets this particular argument and focuses on giving the floor to the students so as to communicate their ideas and aspirations on the matter.This challenge will give you the opportunity to design a simple science curriculum of your own and make a proposal on how toorganiseit.

ISE Observing Challenge

To participate in the ISE 2016 Observing Challenge, use the demonstrator below with your class before30 June 2016. The scenario involves usingMessier Bingoto become familar with astronomical objects, and then observe one of them with the LCOGT telescope.

Teachers who successfully complete the scenario with their class (using the demonstrator with more than 10 students) will receive a poster of their observation.